Highest Precision in Production Wide Spectrum of Individual and Custom made Components We produce high grade prototypes individual components single pieces or entire assembled units according to our clients specific requests The components will be produced in almost all sizes and made from very different metal alloys and steel starting with the Ni718 specialty screw all the way to the 3000 mm 118 blade carrier made from steel casting State of the art machine tools produce construction elements made out of specifically chosen materials An effective quality management and extensive testing guarantees our clients the highest possible precision process security and retrace ability of every individual product from each area energy supply environment plant safety industrial engineering and manufacturing systems engineering State of the Art Machine Outfit Without the use of state of the art production methods and machines it would not be possible to have such a high precision level in the metal processing and the production of prototypes with an individual weight of 2 to 5 tons or more Therefore KST relies on the quality of well known manufacturers of CNC metal working turning centers and 5 axis machining centers Our machine outfit is constantly been expanded and upgraded to optimize the technical production level in regards to quality and speed Our outfit includes the following Horizontal machining centers to D 1000 mm 39 L 3000 mm 118 Vertical machining centers to D 3200 mm 125 H 1500 mm 59 Molding Cutter Drilling to L 3400 mm 133 B 2600 mm 102 H 1600 mm 63 Concentration on Core Performance KST focuses on a 100 on core performances on being a manufacturing service provider Nevertheless we also continue to provide to our clients complete ready to install products For that we use reliable and quality conscious business partners who under stand and support our need to deliver the best quality products and services possible Each order is being successfully managed by an experienced project manager We obtain the material according to the strict requirements of the clients from reliable vendors and process it in our plants and have the final product tested by accredited labs before it is being shipped to the client T U R B I N E C O M P O N E N T S

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