KST Kraftwerks und Spezialteile GmbH High Precision in the Manufacturing of Single Parts and Assemblies KST founded in 1996 as a management buy out company is a manufacturing service provider for high quality prototypes or replacement parts which can also be used as individual components or assembly units for turbo engines as well as steam and gas turbines compressors driving mechanisms and many other areas of operations In earlier times KST was heavily focused on global players in the turbine technical arena such as General Electric Siemens and Rolls Royce In the meantime we also produce many of our high quality products for different areas and industry branches in the wide arena of mechanical and plant engineering Essentially we are able to produce almost any highly complex construction elements or assembly units in different sizes and made out of different metal alloys and different kinds of steel In three locations with a yearly capacity of 175 000 hours and more than 150 highly qualified and extremely experienced employees flexible production conditions and a large state of the art machine outfit we are an exceedingly high performance business partner KST is known for its prompt reply to requests as well as its integrated and documented quality testing supervised by management which also encompasses a strict adherence to environmental work and health protection and the highest possible safety regulations Naturally these requirements are reflected upon our vendors and business partners Fast make During production of individual components prototypes or replacement parts the focus is on speed precision and quality next to cost benefits We are leading in all of these areas We produce highly complex large prototypes like turbine housing the acquisition of the material takes about a month according to the motto fast make Pr ec isi on Sp ee d Sp ec ia liz ed R es ol ut io ns Prototypes Re pl ac em en t C om po ne nt s Individual Components Co ns tru ct io n El em en ts Assembly Units Quality first KS T Kr af tw er ks u nd S pe zi al te ile G m bH Flexibility Surface Finishing Non d es tru ct iv e Te st in g Manufacturing service provider Environmental Protection CA D T U R B I N E C O M P O N E N T S

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